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Kahwa (قهوة) Set I

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The Kahwa (قهوة) Set is first handcrafted out of copper. The engraving process then follows. Brewing and serving coffee with this set allows you to enjoy the authentic experience and taste of the Arabian Coffee. 

The set consists of

  • One copper engraved plate (diameter 36cm) that serves as a tray,
  • Six copper engraved coffee cup holders, 
  • One copper engraved Dallah (coffee pot) with a retractable handle to prevent it from heating. The Dallah is tin lined inside. 
  • One copper engraved sugar bowl with its cover.

Material: 100% copper
Crafted then engraved by hand in Syria
Care and cleaning instructions: copper darkening can occur with heat and humidity. Wiping with a vinegar cloth or rubbing with salt and lemon will restore your copper products to their original shine.